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Thai Lemongrass Chicken Recipe (Gai Ta Krai)

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If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make chicken more interesting, you should give this recipe a try! Using a small number of ingredients keeps the flavours uncomplicated and delicious, and allows the taste of the lemongrass to shine through.

In this recipe we have fried the chicken, but you could grill it if you prefer. It also pairs well with a good sweet chilli dip, you can check out our sweet chilli dipping sauce recipe here.

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Step 1: Start by adding 1 teaspoon of peppercorn and 3 lemongrass which have been cut into roughly 2 inch pieces to a mortar and pestle, and crush.

crushing the pepper and lemongrass

Step 2: Now grab a mixing bowl and add 400g of thinly sliced chicken, 2 tbsp of oyster sauce, 2 tbsp of soy sauce, 1 tbsp of sugar, the crushed peppercorn and lemongrass, 10 lime leaves which have been torn into pieces to release the flavour, and 2 tbsp of flour. Mix everything together thoroughly, and leave to marinate for at least 30 minutes.

marinating the lemongrass chicken

Step 3: Once the chicken has finished marinating, remove just the chicken breast, leaving the lime leaves and lemongrass in the bowl. Then deep fry the chicken breast until golden brown, and when its done remove from the oil and set aside on some paper towel to absorb excess oil.

fried lemongrass chicken

Step 4: Now deep fry the remaining lime leaves and lemongrass mixture for about 1 minute until they are light brown. We are frying them separately as they cook faster than the chicken, and we don’t want them to burn! Once they are done, set aside on some paper towel.

fried lemongrass and lime leaves

Step 5: Finally mix the fried chicken pieces with the lemongrass and lime leaves, and serve and enjoy!

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We found that this paired well with a sweet chilli sauce, but you could have it plain, or even with some steamed rice. We hope you enjoyed our lemongrass chicken recipe, give it a try next time you want to liven up chicken!

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