Thai Crispy Fried Peanut Cake

Thai Peanut Cookies (Tua Pan Tord)


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These peanut cookies are crispy, sweet and nutty, and make for a great dessert or snack. The batter is topped with redskin peanuts, and then deep fried until crispy and golden brown. The recipe doesn’t need many complicated ingredients, and is ready in around 30 minutes.

This should make enough for about 12 bite sized portions, however they don’t keep very well and are best eaten on the day they are made.

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Crispy Fried Peanut Cake Ingredients List

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Step 1: Start by washing 1 cup of redskin peanuts in some cold water, then set them aside to dry. These are the redskin peanuts we used, there is no need to peel them.

redskin peanuts

Step 2: Next crush 1 egg shell in a mortar and pestle until you are left with a powder, then pour in 1/4 cup of water and mix. Then set aside and let the mixture settle.

crushing the eggshell

Step 3: Meanwhile add 1/2 cup of rice flour, 1 tbsp of potato flour, 1 1/2 tbsp of sugar, and 3/8 teaspoon of salt to a mixing bowl. Beat 1 egg and add 1/2 tbsp of the beaten egg to the mixing bowl, and then briefly mix everything together.

mixing the flour

Step 4: By now the eggshell powder mixed with water should have settled, so just spoon the top watery part of the mixture and add to the batter while constantly mixing. Keep adding until you have used all of the water and are just left with the waste sediment. This eggshell water will make the final cake extra crispy!

Step 5: Next add in 1/4 cup of coconut milk, and mix in with the batter until you are left with a smooth mixture.

making the batter

Step 6: Now its time to fry the cakes. Heat a saucepan full of cooking oil on a low heat, and once hot place a ladle in the oil until its hot. Doing this will prevent the mixture from sticking to the ladle. Once the ladle is hot, add on about 2 tbsp of the cake batter, and sprinkle on some of the nuts, then lower the ladle back into the oil. Make sure the oil is not too hot or the batter will cook too quickly, and the peanuts will not be cooked enough.

frying the thai peanut cookie

Step 7: Let the batter cook in the oil for a few moments until it begins to solidify. Gently push the edges of the cake to prevent it from sticking to the ladle, until it floats off of the ladle into the oil.

Step 8: Cook the cake until it is golden brown, flipping it over halfway through so that it cooks evenly on both sides. Once it is crispy and golden brown, set aside on some paper towel to absorb excess oil, and repeat the process until all of your mixture is used up.

thai peanut cake

  • Thai Crispy Fried Peanut Cake
  • Crispy Fried Peanut Cake Recipe

We found that the cakes don’t keep very well, so they are best eaten on the day you make them. You can make them larger if you like but we found these bitesized cakes to be a good size, and we got about 12 mini cakes from the mixture.

So we hope you enjoyed the recipe, if you have any questions, just leave a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! If you would like to see lots more Thai and Asian inspired recipes, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and youtube channel – we have lots more still to come!

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