Fried Suki glass noodle - suki haeng

Fried Suki Glass Noodles (Suki Haeng)

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This recipe follow on from our previous recipe in which we made a suki dipping sauce for hotpots. That sauce also goes really with noodles, so in this recipe we have added it to stir fried chicken and glass noodles, to create a tasty and quick stir fry.

You can just use pre-made store bought suki dipping sauce if you prefer, however we think this homemade sauce tastes better! The stir fry itself should only take about 15 minutes to make from scratch, and this recipe is for 1 portion, so adjust as needed.

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Step 1: Start by soaking 30g of dried glass noodles in cold water for 15 minutes, making sure that all of the noodles are submerged in the water.

soaking the glass noodles

Step 2: Next heat 2 tbsp of cooking oil in a wok on a high heat, then fry 2 cloves of finely chopped garlic for about 20 seconds, then add in 80g of diced chicken breast, and fry the chicken until it starts to turn white.

Step 3: Now add in 1 egg, break it up with the chicken slightly, then add in either 1 cup of chopped cabbage, or 1 cup of chopped chinese leaves.

adding chinese leaves to wok

Step 4: Mix everything in together for about half a minute, then drain the glass noodles and add them to the wok. Thoroughly mix in the noodles with the other ingredients, then add in about 2 tbsp of the suki dipping sauce. We serve the remaining sauce on the side with the noodles later. Also add in 1/2 cup of chopped celery leaves, 1/2 cup of sliced spring onion, 3/4 tbsp of soy sauce, and 1 tbsp of oyster sauce.

making the suki noodles

Step 5: Stir fry for a final 3 minutes, making sure that you mix everything together thoroughly and prevent the noodles from clumping together, then just serve with the remaining suki dipping sauce, and enjoy!

  • Fried Suki glass noodle - suki haeng
  • Fried Suki glass noodle - suki haeng recipe

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