look choop thai candy recipe

Look Choop Thai Candy Recipe

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Look Choop is a Thai dessert that is made from mung bean paste mixed with coconut milk. The paste is then shaped and painted with food colouring to make it look like fruits, vegetables, or anything you want. It is then glazed with a gelatine coating.

It is a fun recipe to make that kids can help out with too, and its probably quite a bit healthier than most candies kids normally eat. We made ours with a christmas theme, and this would work really well as an activity to keep the kids busy when they are off school for the holidays.

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look choop ingredients list

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Step 1: Soak 150g of peeled mung beans in water for 1 hour.

Step 2: Now drain the beans steam them for 15 minutes

steamed mung bean

Step 3: You will know the beans are cooked when they are soft. Now let them cool for a moment, and place them in a food mixer along with the 130g of coconut milk. Blend until the beans take on a texture a bit like mashed potato.

adding coconut milk to mung beans

Step 4: Place the mashed means into a saucepan and heat on a low heat for 10 minutes without cooking oil. This will dry out the mixture and make it stickier.

blended mung bean paste

Texture After Blending

heating the mung beans

Heating The Mung Beans

Step 5: Knead the beans for about 5 minutes until it is thick like this.

kneading the mung beans

Step 6: Now shape the dough into whatever you want, we followed a christmas theme however usually people shape the dough into fruits. You can use a cocktail stick or skewer to apply finer details to the shape. Once you are done place the shape on a skewer or cocktail stick and use the food colouring and paint brushes to paint on whatever colours you need.

look choop home made recipepaianting the look choop thai candy

Step 7: Now we need to make the jelly coating. Add 1 cup of water, 1/2 tbsp of sugar, and 1 tbsp of jelly powder to a saucepan and heat until the sugar and jelly powder has dissolved in the water.

making the look choop syrup

Step 8: Whilst the coating is still hot, pour it over the shapes you made from the beans until they are coated thoroughly.

adding syrup to look choop

Step 9: The jelly should set very quickly. Once it has set, you can eat!

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As I said we went for a christmas theme, or at least thats what we were trying for. As you can see our painting skills leave a lot to be desired… Our final sweets look more like a pirate santa, a cross between a star and the joker, a moose with a giant pig nose, and a square helicopter which I think is supposed to be a gift box. So it would have probably been more suitable for halloween!

Well it was still fun to do, so give the recipe a try and let us know what kind of creations you came up with! We hope you enjoyed the recipe, if you want to see more Thai inspired recipes, please subscribe we our releasing new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, have a merry christmas, and we hope to see you again on the next video!

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