thai steamed jasmine rice

How To Make The Perfect Steamed Rice


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Using good quality rice that has been steamed just right can really improve your enjoyment of a meal. Likewise poorly cooked low quality rice can ruin your meal. By following these simple steps and investing in a rice cooker and good quality Thai jasmine rice, you will greatly enhance the taste of your Thai cooking!

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how to make steamed rice

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Step 1: Place 1 cup of jasmine rice into a mixing bowl, and pour in some water. Rinse the rice in the water, and then drain. Repeat this process once more.

washing the rice

Step 2: Pour the drained rice into a rice cooker along with some water. Pour in just enough water so that the palm of your hand is covered. Ensure that you do not add too much water, as the rice will be soggy. If you add too little water, the rice will be hard.

adding water to the rice

Step 3: Place the lid on, and turn the rice cooker on.

Step 4: The rice cooker will steam the rice automatically, and turn off when its done. At the end you will have delicious and fluffy steamed rice ready to eat. To add extra flair, place the rice into a small bowl and pack it tightly. Place a plate on top of the bowl, and turn the bowl upside down so that the rice comes out in a dome shape on the plate.

steamed jasmine rice

  • thai steamed jasmine rice
  • steamed jasmine rice

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