How To Make Soya Milk

How To Make Soya Milk (Nam Tao Huu)


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Homemade soya milk is very simple to make, and is much cheaper than buying soya milk from the shop. It also has the added benefit of tasting better and being much fresher! You can adjust the amount of sugar used depending on how sweet you like it, so you end up with soya milk that is perfectly matched to your own tastes!

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Step 1: Start by soaking 1 cup of soya beans in 3 cups of water for 6 hours.

soaking the soya beans

Step 2: Once the soya beans have finished soaking, add all of the beans and water to a blender, and blend until its as smooth as you can get it.

soya bean milk

Step 3: Now place a muslin cloth over a strainer, and slowly pour in the mixture, and strain out as much of the milk as possible. Once you have done this for all the mixture, place the thick bean paste back into the blender along with another 3 cups of water.

filtering the soya milk

Step 4: Blend again until the mixture is smooth, and once again filter the milk through a muslin cloth and strainer.

Step 5: Next pour the milk filtered milk into a saucepan, and heat on a high heat while constantly stirring. Once the milk starts to steam, add in 1/2 cup of sugar, and keep stirring. While heating, skim off any foam that forms, and continue heating and stirring until the milk boils. Then just turn off the heat, scoop off any remaining foam, and your homemade soya milk is ready! If refrigerated it should keep for a few days.

boiling the soya milk

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