southern thai dry curry recipe

Southern Thai Spicy Dry Curry (Kua Gling)

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This dish hails from the Southern Thailand, and is a very spicy dry curry that is usually made with pork, beef or even fish. The flavour is very hot and spicy, and packed with fresh flavours from the lime leaves and lemongrass.

We have used 30 dried chillies is in this recipe as cherry likes spicy food, but you should adjust this number to your own preference, but remember that the dish is supposed to be spicy, so you will be missing out on the intended taste if you make it too mild. It is best served with fresh vegetables, steamed rice, or sticky rice to balance out the heat.

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Step 1: Soak 30 dried chillies (or as many as you want to use) in a bowl of water for about 10 minutes.

soaking dried chillies

Step 2: After 10 minutes, add the dried chillies to a mortar and pestle, along with 3 finely chopped lemongrass and 4 sliced cloves of garlic. Crush them in the mortar and pestle (or use a food processor) until they are broken down.

crushing the kua gling paste

Step 3: Now add 3 tbsp of sliced galangal, 1 inch of fresh turmeric, 2 tbsp of dried peppercorn and 1 tbsp of sliced kaffir lime leaves to the mortar and pestle or food processor, and continue crushing for a few minutes until you have a thick paste.

how to make kua gling curry paste

Step 4: Finally add in 1 teaspoon of shrimp paste and 1 teaspoon of salt and mix in with the paste.

Step 5: Now heat a wok on a high heat without any cooking oil, and dry fry 250g of minced pork, breaking it down into small pieces as you fry. Cook for about 2 minutes until is half done, then add in the paste that we made earlier, and mix it in with the pork thoroughly, whilst frying. After about 5 minutes of stir frying the pork and paste, add 1 tbsp of fish sauce and 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, and continue stir frying for another minute.

how to make kua gling

Step 6: Finally add 2 tbsp of sliced kaffir lime leaves and 1 tbsp of fresh peppercorn, mix in, then serve and enjoy!

cooking kua gling

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