thai pandan custard recipe

Thai Pandan Custard Recipe (Sangkaya Bai Toey)


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Pandan has a really nice fragrance and taste, which makes this sweet pandan custard recipe a really popular dessert and sweet treat.

In this recipe we enjoyed ours as a dip for some fresh bread, however just like ordinary custard you could use it in multiple ways, for example as a cake filling, over some waffles or pancakes, or even as a spread!

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Step 1: First we need to make some pandan extract. Start by cutting 8 pandan leaves with some scissors into roughly half inch pieces. Add the pieces to a mortar and pestle and crush them for a couple of minutes until they are broken down.

crushing the pandan leaves

Step 2: Now add 2 tbsp of water to the mortar and pestle, and grind the leaves and water together. Do this for a couple of minutes to release as much of the flavour from the leaves as possible. Then scoop the mixture into a strainer, and press down hard to strain the leaves until they are dry. You want to extract as much of the pandan essence as you can.

extracting pandan essence

Step 3: Now add 1 egg, 40g of palm sugar and 40g of white sugar to a mixing bowl and beat together. Then add 25ml of evaporated milk, 175ml of coconut milk, the pandan essence we prepared earlier, and 15g of corn flour and mix thoroughly. If you are using hard palm sugar, don’t worry about breaking that down yet, as it will dissolve once we heat the mixture. You can also add in a drop of green food colouring if you want to give the custard a vivid green colour, however this is optional.

making the pandan custard

Step 4: Once everything is mixed together and lump free, pour the mixture into a saucepan, and heat on a low heat whilst continually stirring for about 4 to 5 minutes until the mixture takes on a thick custard like consistency, then serve and enjoy!

pandan custard

  • Sangkaya bai toey recipe
  • thai pandan custard recipe

This recipe was enough for one portion as we like to eat it fresh, however you could make up a larger batch and keep it in the refrigerator.

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